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Supermarket shelves in qatar empty up to one year after Saudi oil ban, and are still empty after half a year because the government has yet to supply cash

The ban was imposed after Riyadh’s oil company, Ara포커 의 신mco, ran afoul of Saudi Arabia’s strict economic sanctions regime and found it increasingly difficult to purchase its own oil, creating a sharp spike in international oil prices last year.

As a result, some Western companies have halted production in many Saudi refineries and have sought cheaper prices from overseas oil markets, including Qatar and Algeria, where crude is also produced and sold illegally.

On Monday, Aramco announced that it had “suspended the use” of all the 7,000 miles of pipelines used to deliver crude to its refineries in the kingdom to protect its supplies as the Saudi ban became permane카지노 사이트nt.

But the ban has also raised questions about the Saudis’ ability to comply with international oil price rules, despite their promise to do so.

Analysts believe that the restrictions have already seriously hurt Qatar, leading it to look for other energy sources and to find alternatives to its growing oil wealth.

The United States and other countries argue that such moves undermine global efforts to drive down energy costs and will not deter oil sales from continuing.

Saudi Arabia’s Al-Wafa Bank (ANV) said the decision to halt the oil import of Qatari crude came as a surprise and blamed “economic hardships and sanctions” as the main reason.

But the bank said there was “a direct relationship between the restrictions and the weakening of Qatar’s oil production”.

As many as 50 oil terminals in Qatar are affected

In February the International Energy Agency said that the oil ban would hurt the country’s economy and would cut foreign direct investment by around $13 billion over five years. The IEA said it was confident it will survive, adding the ban had reduced Qatar’s total energy imports by just more than 10%.

“The measures will cause further disruption to Qatar’s economy, while at the same time it will force Qatar to find new ways of making its energy budget work,” said IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol.

Riyadh and its Gulf allies have long said that the Saudi and Qatari oil producCDC 철도청 카지노ers, with which it also has a long oil trade, would stay in business if forced to return to an energy-market dominated by crude produced and sold by Iraq and Russia.

But Qatari officials are worried that the ban will force the government to cut its already-sh

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