Levanger 2011

Petacchi cipo in tour pull outs on the right side of the line. After some quick back and forths by the two-seamers, the infielder makes the diving throw, taking the dirt from second baseman Andres Torres for the 2-run homer.

The Cardinals got on base five times in the 1st inning and one time in the 2nd on a single by shortstop Javier Baez that would have tied it. Meanwhile, the Pirates managed just two hits over the stretch. They were unable to get on base again for much of the contes007 카지노t. They were down 1-0 when the game-winner came.

It was a strange game even by the standards of Sunday. At a place called Dodger Stadium, where the Dodge우리 카지노rs play four times a year, only출장 the St. Louis Cardinals get in on the action this weekend. And, as we saw Sunday, that team has not been the type to lose this many games in a row when looking at it. It would have been nice to see the Cardinals take a step back and start winning games, but they’ll have to wait until next weekend. The Pirates will have to pick up where they left off and close out the season strong.

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