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Butcher bird causing havoc at newcastle tafe campus; hospital worried

Supplied A young black turkey has caused chaos at a newcastle campus.

A chicken coop in newcastle has been declared abandoned and a hospital worried about the impact it is having on its employees.

Supplied The chicken coop at Macquarie University campus.

The crows have been spotted flying around in the coop near the campus’ entrance to Newcomer House.

Supplied The chicken coop at the Macquarie University campus.

There is concern students may be affected by the noise.

“A large flock of black crows are now breeding out of this structure,” said Macquarie University student Nicky Okeaf성남출장마사지or.


* Crows feed chickens in Macquarie campus, causing panic

* Crows found in Macquarie chicken coop at newcastle campus

The chicken coop is located in a corner of the main campus where students can eat breakfast and eat some lunch as the chicken coop is still used as a dormitory.

The chicken coop had already undergone a refurbishment in 2012 but it wasn’t until recently they were brought into compliance as far as students were concerned.

Macquarie has had issues with crows before but they were thought to be confined to the coop, not causing much of a problem.

Macquarie said their birds had not been seen during the two weeks they have been here, so there had not been a serious problem, with crows seen in other areas in the facility.

However, the site manager has had a number of concerns.

“A significant number of birds have moved back onto the main campus this morning. They’ve moved at around 9aXO 카지노m, which is when it’s most quiet,” Macquarie campus site manager Lisa Bongiorno said.

에볼루션카지노The university would like to remind students that at this stage the chicken coop is currently not in any sort of good health.

“As soon as we have all the evidence, we will make the necessary arrangements to maintain its comfort level and avoid damage to the coop.”

Bongiorno said the site manager knew crows were coming, had spoken to the birds, and knew they’d started flying around.

“We haven’t had any issues at Macquarie with any species in a while, I think that’s in part down to them. I’ve heard of the cockroaches comin

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