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Former chief exeutive drops legal action against albany mayor

Shelby-Bolton mayor’s $5 million settlement with former chief executive in $9M payout

Shelby-Bolton city attorney, David Wittenberg, a former U.S. attorney in Manhattan, plans to sue city President Robert DiIorio over $5 million he gave to the mayor in a settlement for alleged misconduct as mayor.

The former mayor will receive the settlement by Dec. 31, Wittenberg’s attorneys said in a court filing.

Wittenberg is seeking $2 million and attorney fees because of the mayor’s alleged misdeeds during the time he was chief executive of the city between 2010 and 2014, the lawsuit said.

He said he was “the sole occupant” of the executive office on Sept. 21, 2014, when he sent an email to the city’s communications chief, asking her to forward the email to his wife, Marcia, then-chief of staff for City Manager Joe Pesaturo.

A month after the email went out, the executive office agreed to pay a city contractor $3,000 to cover st솔레어 카지노aff overtime, said the lawsuit.

The mayor was not required to pay that employee when Pesaturo became mayor in 2014, but Wittenberg was still paid a total of $19,000, the lawsuit said.

On Oct. 27, 2014, Wittenberg wrote to city manager Vincent Lisi requesting a meeting with City Hall chief of staff John DiNardo, but that request was denied, the lawsuit said.

Then on Dec. 1, 2014, Wittenberg sent an email to city attorney William T. Smith asking a city-issue email address to forward $1 million to the city’s general fund.

He wrote to City Attorney William G. Napp that he believed DiNardo would “undertake a great deal to keep his position” if the $1 million were to be sent to the city’s general fund, according to the lawsuit.

B온 카지노ut then DiNardo “sought and obtained City Council action, including (a) rejection of his request for a meeting with him, and (b) a failure by the City Counsel to act,” Wittenberg’s laws슬롯 머신uit said.

The city decided not to seek a subpoena in a lawsuit by the city’s former city attorney, Anthony J. Bocanaro, after the mayor asked city council for help with his lawsuit. City council members did not attend the meeting, whic

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